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Understanding where things are going is critical to making good decisions today. The National Security College is working to assist policy thinkers and makers practically investigate the future through its Futures Hub.

Who are we?

The Futures Hub brings together diverse groups of policy and subject matter expertise to translate the future into present day policy making.

Experienced. Futures Hub staff are senior, accomplished national security practitioners drawn from a variety of backgrounds and agencies.

Independent. As part of a university we have latitude to explore concepts beyond policy and funding cycles. And since our staff are drawn from government, we know what is relevant to policy makers.

Multi-disciplinary. The Futures Hub collaborates widely and maintains a wide network of contacts across government, academia and industry both in Australia and abroad through our Futures Council and the APS Strategic Futures Network.

Trusted. Our secure facilities and staff clearances allow for a high degree of freedom in discussing sensitive issues in a trusted environment.

Our work

Examples of our work with government include:

  • Technology surprises and implications for national security
  • Geo-political and geo-economic futures in the Indo-Pacific
  • The future of democratic systems challenged by information warfare

What we offer

Policy Options Forum – Eliciting insights on long-term policy challenges via deep and contested discussion amongst policy makers, academics and other experts in a trusted environment

Scanning workshops – Working through a range of trends and signals to identify useful insights and determine what they may mean for policy now

Scenario development – Bespoke, plausible future scenarios against which agencies and departments can test their policies and plans.

Games and other structured futures activities – Futures-orientated games to help participants think about issues in unconventional ways

Specialised advice – Sharing our significant repository of knowledge on futures thinking and methodology to help build futures best practices across government

Facilitation of reports or research – We connect agencies with leading academic researchers and facilitate collaboration on complex policy problems

For more information, please contact us at futureshub.nsc@anu.edu.au

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