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Kick-starting a new strategic and defence partnership with Bangladesh

Australia’s 2020 defence strategic update identifies the northeast Indian Ocean as a priority area as part of our immediate region, but it’s also where...

Russia wants to be a power to be reckoned with in the Indian Ocean

No public strategy is defined, but a list of Moscow’s military and paramilitary activity in the region is revealing.


The Mozambique Channel is the next security hotspot

An Islamist insurgency is spilling danger into a major shipping lane, and countries must decide who they want to fix it.


Agalega: A glimpse of India’s remote island military base

Satellite imagery reveals the transformation of an Indian Ocean island into a strategic outpost. Many questions remain.


India should prioritise a denial strategy in the Indian Ocean

The stand-off with China in the Himalayas has raised a broader debate about India’s strategic outlook.


Chagos: A boundary dispute tips over a sovereignty ruling

A case between Mauritius and Maldives stands on the ICJ opinion on the former’s claim to the Chagos Archipelago.


The Diego Garcia dispute hits cyberspace

As internet domains go, .io is a money spinner. Would a change to the “British Indian Ocean Territory” cancel an asset?


India heads towards economic autarky

A telling speech foreshadows an India more focused on domestic markets and one with less clout in the region.


Western Indian Ocean: Where trouble on land spells danger at sea

Piracy and smuggling are already a menace. Add a budding Islamist insurgency, and far-reaching implications may follow.


A third aircraft carrier for India: Budget versus necessity

Concerns about cost overruns should be kept in perspective. The need for naval power projection is only growing.



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