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Diego Garcia: The US has a clear choice

The Mauritian ambassador to the UN on recognising the country’s sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago.


India consolidates its role in southern Maldives

But Australia and other international partners have a role, too.


The curious case of Blenheim Reef

A coral reef in the middle of the Indian Ocean, owned by no one, is fast becoming a focus of international controversy.


Mauritius sets sail to Chagos

The UK faces a lose-lose situation as demonstrators put disputed Indian Ocean archipelago in the spotlight.


Indian Ocean step-up

India is in the driver’s seat to build new security structures in the region, but it can’t do it alone.


Maldives embroiled in Mauritius-UK tussle over Chagos

A seemingly tranquil archipelago in the central Indian Ocean has wide-ranging strategic significance for key players.


Maldives: India first or India out?

Relations between one of the largest countries in the world and one of the smallest inevitably brings sensitivities.


Building a new maritime surveillance network across the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is an increasingly contested strategic environment. A growing Chinese naval presence raises the prospect that Beijing may seek to...

Africa and Europe rally to contain Islamic insurgency in Mozambique

In late-July military advance teams from South Africa and Botswana began to deploy to northern Mozambique to support governments forces in their fight...

A rising Bangladesh starts to exert its regional power

Dhaka is increasingly confident in an emerging role. The rest of the world would benefit to pay close attention.



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