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Diego Garcia: The US has a clear choice

The Mauritian ambassador to the UN on recognising the country’s sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago.


India should prioritise a denial strategy in the Indian Ocean

The stand-off with China in the Himalayas has raised a broader debate about India’s strategic outlook.


Chagos: A boundary dispute tips over a sovereignty ruling

A case between Mauritius and Maldives stands on the ICJ opinion on the former’s claim to the Chagos Archipelago.


The Diego Garcia dispute hits cyberspace

As internet domains go, .io is a money spinner. Would a change to the “British Indian Ocean Territory” cancel an asset?


India heads towards economic autarky

A telling speech foreshadows an India more focused on domestic markets and one with less clout in the region.


Western Indian Ocean: Where trouble on land spells danger at sea

Piracy and smuggling are already a menace. Add a budding Islamist insurgency, and far-reaching implications may follow.


A third aircraft carrier for India: Budget versus necessity

Concerns about cost overruns should be kept in perspective. The need for naval power projection is only growing.


Tackling environmental security threats in the Indian Ocean

By David Brewster


A China-Iran bilateral deal: Costs all around

By Jeffrey Payne


The delusion of India trying to throttle China’s maritime trade

Rowdy debates about going for China’s “jugular” in the Malacca Strait should not obscure the practical difficulties.



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